26 - 28 Sep 2018

Tehran Goftegoo Park

Hosted Buyer program

Hosted VIP Buyers Program

The Hosted VIP buyers program is an invitation only membership program for purchasers across many industries. The main objective of the hosted buyer program is to provide VIP purchasers with added value services and promote communication, cooperation, education and service.  If you meet at least one of the following conditions we invite you to apply to become a "VIP purchaser" to enjoy free services offered by the organizer

1. You work in the light industry or consumer products market and are in charge of purchasing a minimum annual amount of USD 5 million (manager level or above)

2.You have your own company in the South of Africa and annual imports from China of more than USD 500,000.

3. You receive an invitation from Durban Chamber of Commerce & Industry and they recognize you are qualified as VIP purchaser

4. You are an economic export (Doctor) studying the import & export industry of Southern African countries, and are able to propose constructive suggestions for helping more Chinese top end products to enter the South African market.

5. You are a senior critic from well-known media in the Middle East and can write specialized commentaries to promote our event.

Membership Benefits

1.Free pick up from airport, free room and board and other free services related to the event.

2. Complimentary full conference attendance to all exhibitions and congresses.

3. Complimentary annual subscription to official Magazine and Mandarin digital edition.  

4. Up to 25% discount on all educational courses offered by Breakbulk, with an additional 10% group discount for three or more attendees from the same company.

5. Leadership Summit programs & networking opportunities designed for Breakbulk VIP Shipper Club members.

Terms & Conditions

1.The membership is invitation only and is free of charge

2.The membership/invitation is not transferable

3.Members may recommend other colleagues for membership consideration

4.Members may be requested, if time permits, for their valuable opinions regarding trends in the industry, feedback on exhibitions, conferences,  magazine and breakbulk.com content

5.Members’ names will not be disclosed to any third party or used for any advertising purposes

6.The organizer reserves the right to explain the qualification of VIP purchaser

7.Maximum number of VIP purchaser is 100

If you want to be a hosted buyer, please contact:

Miss Luna

Miss Shirley

Event & Marketing Executive

Marketing Manager